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A brand new Podcast from North Somerset based comedy theatre company, Living Spit

This time in a special edition from the hallowed halls of the Bristol Old Vic the gruesome twosome talk about the very last few shows of "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" and the upcoming "Beauty and the Beast", while ion the way getting sidetracked by subjects as diverse as "The Hendry", The "Coggins Usual", pubic hair, water bottles, Japanese words for wildlife and STIs. As well as very special appearances by Trimmo and Craig;'s daughter, Peggy!

The dynamic duo do Dorset in this special episode of the LSP live from Corfe Castle (or at least live from Howard's van in the Corfe Castle car park...), the venue for tonight's performance of "The Six Wives of Henry VIII".

Midway through the Artsreach leg of their tour, they pause to reflect on the perils of dawdling at Durdle Door, thris-cuits, Bonnie Tyler and the Dorset Steam Fair.

Jam packed with inane observations, epic bantz and exciting news, this is a delicious dollop of Dorsetian daftness for some of the family.

Fresh from their extended summer break Howard, Stu and Craig are back! And this week the tiresome trio become the quivering quartet as they are joined in the studio by their hot-shot producer, Ali Roberston to make some important announcements! It's never that simple though and this time they get sidetracked with musings on Stu's sex education, 70's B-sides, Feargal Sharkey, Ritz biscuits, Lockdown weight gain and public outdoor sex in Cornwall!

In the last of the current series, the tired triad talk once again about "The Odyssey" and feature interviews with the amazing Kates Dimbleby and Sykes about their recollections of making the show, and on the way go on an Odyssey of their own through subjects as unrelated as Howard’s underwear, musicals, the appropriate amount of kisses, personal hygiene habits, Stu’s costume malfunctions, well-designed rolling pins, fraudulent car stickers, and therapy ducks, setting them up nicely for their summer holidays.

In the first part of an epic two parter the tiresome trio talk about "The Odyssey", last year's show made with with the incomparable Kate Dimbleby and talk to her and designer Katie Sykes about the show. But, of course, they manage to get distracted talking about Craig’s Bastard children, contributor dream casting, dead dogs, helicopters over Dorset, poo-poo in swimming pools, whirling flaccid members, and embarrassing celebrity encounters!

This week the pathetic pair natter about their "smash hit", "zeitgeist-y" show about running, "Tortoise Vs Hare". However, as usual they get way laid talking not enough sleep, sellotape, Stu's imaginary pet lizards with wellington boots, the relative merits of age vs youth, Pip Naylor's bench and foamy, bland artichoke soup. As well as the resounding success of Stu's two new features!

In this seasonally inappropriate festive special Howard and Stu get all Christmassy as they reminisce about their 2015 cracker "Living Spit's A Christmas Carol." However, as usual, they are waylaid by subjects as diverse as the merits of the band "Keane", Christmas Jokes, Stu's penis (again),whether a rock band has to have a guitar, the "erection section", breeze blocks, and 80's soul singer Aaron Neville. As well as ideas for new merchandise and two new features!

This week the Dopey Duo rewind to the balmy summer of 2016 when they crossed the nation with "The Fabulous Bacon Boys" the second of their acclaimed "Rhyming Trilogy". On the way, they get waylaid by earwax, Billy Connolly, Weston-super-Mare mud, the correct term for a Cornish person and the best way to melt bronze. And Stu comes over all Claire Rayner and gets a bit out of his depth...

In this, the third and final instalment of their Frankenstein series, the Trite Trio give this monster of a show a good send off with much theatrical anecdotary concerning their mounting of it at the Tropicana on Weston Super Mare’s glittering seafront in the long, cold winter of 2016.
Including an exclusive interview with band member, Tom Knott and a potted history of the aforementioned dilapidated swimming pool, PLUS excerpts from the autobiographies of Howard Coggins and Diana Dors, musings on Samuel Beckett’s adaptation of the Gruffalo, a letter from Cher which gets Stu’s heart racing and the inside scoop on exactly what Howard and Craig did to annoy Game of Thrones actor, Patrick Malahide.
It’s Sony Award-worthy material.
After receiving a flattering comment from Sue Mercer comparing their podcast to a BBC radio 4 arts programme, the trivial trio set out to redress the balance by delving into such sordid topics as Stu’s penis, Bucks Fizz flavoured crisps, Stu’s penis again, human names for birds, more of Stu’s penis, Craig’s attempts to be like Louis Theroux and, yes, you guessed it…a little bit more about Stu’s penis.
Including part 2 of Craig’s interview with artistic director of the Salisbury Playhouse, Gareth Machin, and part 2 of Howard and Stu’s interview with Frankenstein band members, Lauryn Rodding and Milky Sadler. Plus the usual japes, jingles and jocularity and a brand new solo spot for Stu!

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