The Living Spit Podcast

A brand new Podcast from North Somerset based comedy theatre company, Living Spit

The Minack Theatre

Full of all the usual fun and foolery plus Minackian recollections, Elizabethan reflections, Germanic inflections, Cellular interjections, Biscuitian predilections and a surprising amount of Batman references.

This time, Howard and Stu are joined in the studio (Howard's back room) by Niall Johnson, Clevedon's greatest living filmmaker, and Gus, Stu's large boisterous Labrador to talk about Niall's film making career including the highlight, which was working with Living Spit on various bits and bobs. Gus's contribution is limited to whines and barks. As usual they get sidetracked into talking about Radstock, Pagan Festivals and massive potatoes.

In this cut down, cut price episode, live from outside a bakery on a busy road in London, the boys talk about life in the big smoke and run down what unsuspecting London audiences might expect from their brand new revival of "Elizabeth I - Virgin on the Ridiculous". Warning: This podcast contains an unexpected, unscripted, very reluctant appearance from the brains behind the outfit, Fiona "The Triminator" Trim.

Howard and Stu try to brighten up “Blue Monday” by hearkening back to simpler times when they were both members of craply named teenage bands. They take a trip down memory lane by listening to 4 of their old demos whilst simultaneously solving the mystery of what happened to Howard’s Homburg hat, getting offered a discount on some windows and mentioning Shropshire more times than is necessary. Featuring several interruptions from Howard’s smartwatch plus all the usual japes, jingles and joviality from the jocular Jackanapeses.

Under the guise of fronting a vaguely interesting theatre podcast, Howard and Stu gather together yet again to record their inane babble on the subject of "Who We Would Bring Back To Life", in the vein of their new production, "Frankenstein: The Musical". Along the way they inevitably succumb to the usual tangential trivialities, this time involving "Skipping the Spoilers", Terry Nutkins' pet seal, fragile chairs, gigs in Monaco and the Gunpowder Plot, along with all the japes, jingles and joviality that their fans have come to expect, nay demand.

While Stu very selfishly is in hospital assisting his wife in labour, Howard enlists the help of Craig to co-present this episode about the twenty year anniversary of "Up The Feeder, Down the 'Mouth", a legendary show in Bristol's history which Howard and Stu were both in. And they've even managed to bag an interview with one of the show's stars (and co-director), Heather Williams, while the Bristol legend that is Ross Harvey joins them live! 

In this episode, Howard and Stu step back in time to the year 2015 and "re-run the fun” as they examine the origin story of the small theatre they help to run in their hometown of Clevedon, The Theatre Shop! Joined by the ever elusive Fiona Trim, they get waylaid by such diverse subjects as the French word for Beetroot, the inhabitants of Abhu Dhabi's views on the Flintstones, and the trouble with penises. Fun for some of the family!

This time, having run out of shows to talk about, the despotic duo muse on what the would do if they were in charge, as well as regular features, 'Handyman Howard" and "Stuarts Inquiry". But as usual they get sidetracked by subjects as diverse asTime Capsules, Blue Peter dogs, tortoises, pissing in chips, Stu’s holidays and free sweets.


In this festive themed episode the Navidad Duad (it's a real word, we looked it up) talk about getting their latest show "Beauty and the Beast" up and running in the middle of various levels of lockdown, and on the way ramble around their completely legal Christmases, french candle holders, Howard’s niche knowledge, sellotape skills, the Christmas sandwich, a potted history of Stu’s tattoos, Christmas telly, Jamie Oliver and potty training as they say goodbye to 2020...

This time in a special edition from the hallowed halls of the Bristol Old Vic the gruesome twosome talk about the very last few shows of "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" and the upcoming "Beauty and the Beast", while ion the way getting sidetracked by subjects as diverse as "The Hendry", The "Coggins Usual", pubic hair, water bottles, Japanese words for wildlife and STIs. As well as very special appearances by Trimmo and Craig;'s daughter, Peggy!

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